One Month to Celebrations

With only one month left to the Celebrations the preparations are in full swing.
Heli Jürgenson is the head conductor of the XII Youth Song Celebrations.

As I`ve wondered around the globe I have understood where I belong. My relationship with Estonia is a very close one, I can`t live without seas and forests. I will always remember this place with words “Here I`ll stay”. These words are also connected to my work and profession- I cannot imagine working anywhere but here.

There are six different choir specifications- toddlers, children, boys, young men, girls and mix choirs. They all will sing together and separately under the Song Festival Arch on Sunday the second July.

Margus Toomla is the Artistic Director for the XII Youth Dance Celebrations.
Symbolic promise “Here I`ll Stay” is a signature connecting our roots, wherever life will take us. It is a spiritual and value based connection to Estonia , that will always invite and call us back home.

Dancers from all corners of Estonia have been practicing the dances for two year. Now they are ready to come to Tallinn and put the huge masterpiece of thousands of dancers moving in sync into a story. This story will unroll only on three times on the 30. June and 1. July.
For the first time the Folk Music Celebration takes places right next to the Kalevi stadium, where Dance Celebrations end. On Saturday the 1. July right between two Dance Celebrations people can come and enjoy live music for free under the protective shade of the park trees.
Get ready and come enjoy the Celebrations!