Information for participants

Song Celebration participants have green wrist bands which provide you:

  • entry to the Song Festival Ground and entry to the area where singers line up before going to the stage;
  • free use of toilets everywhere on the Song Festival Ground;
  • free public transport during June 27-July 2 (bus, tram, trolley bus) and Elron electric trains within Tallinn borders.

The Song Festival Ground is closed area already during rehearsals, so everyone should wear a wrist band both coming to the rehearsals and to the concert.

CONDUCTORS will have in addition to the green wristband a rosette.

Lining up

We kindly ask all singers to be on the Song Festival Ground at least 20 minutes before the lining up time given in our schedules.

In the lining up area you will see people carrying signs and you should find a sign that suites you the best:

MUK – young children’s choirs; LAK – children’s choirs,
POK – boys’ choirs, POSK – boys’ mixed choirs,
SEK – mixed choirs, NEK – female choirs, NMEK – youth male choirs;


NB! As there are so many of us, please pay attention at what time your choir type is welcome in the dining area.

Friday, June 30

lining up 10:40rehearsal11:00 – 12:30female choirsLUNCH 12:15-13:30 female choirs
lining up 12:10rehearsal12:30 – 14:00mixed choirsLUNCH 13:30 -15:20 mixed choirs
lining up 13:40rehearsal14:00 – 15:40boys’ choirsLUNCH 15:20-16:10 boys’ and Boys’ mixed choirs

Saturday, July 1

lining up 9:30rehearsal9:50 – 11:30joint choir final block
lining up 11:10rehearsal11:30 – 12:30joint choir opening block
lining up 12:10rehearsal

12:30 – 14:15

young children’s choirLUNCH 15:30-16:30 young children’s
Choirs who sing in the opening blockLUNCH 15:45-17:30 young children’s
Choirs who sing only their own songs
lining up 13:55rehearsal14:15 – 15:50children’s choirsLUNCH 13:40-14:30 children’s choirs
lining up 15:30dress rehearsal15:50 – 16:25mixed choirsLUNCH 13:40-14:30 mixed choirs
lining up 16:05dress rehearsal16:25 – 17:20joint choir final block
lining up 17:00dress rehearsal17:20 – 17:50joint choir opening block
lining up 18:45dress rehearsal19:00 – 19:45young children’s choirs
lining up 19:25dress rehearsal

dress rehearsal

19:45 – 20:20


boys’ choirs

youth male choirs

LUNCH 14:30-15:10 POK and POSK

LUNCH 14:30-15:10 youth male choirs

LUNCH 17:30-18:00 female choirs

lining up 20:25dress rehearsal20:45 – 21:15female choirsLÕUNA 14:30-15:10 female choirs

Sunday, July 2

Procession will end in the dining area, so you will go and have your lunch right after you have finished marching for 5 km.

lining up for joint choirs opening block 13:15
choirs will go to the stage 13:30
XII youth song celebration concert „Mina jään“ 14:00


Each of you will have 2 meals during the concert day: lunch right after arriving to the Song Festival Ground and later, during the concert, you’ll have dinner.


Once you are on the stage, please remember, that it is really a stage – so please don’t leave there any rubbish or empty water bottles. Once you leave the stage it should still look pretty for the audience.

We kindly ask all parents and conductors to remind your singers that they should drink enough water. We suggest everyone to carry a water bottle with them all the time, you can fill it with pure drinking water on the Song Festival Ground.

Small children should wear summer hats to avoid hyperthermia.

All our song books have a red inner side of their cover. Please use it if you feel ill on the stage. Just lift it up, show to the conductors’ direction and our first aid team will come and help you. First-aid teams wear neon yellow vests and shirts and they watch the stage all the time.

All children should have a piece of paper or a sign in their pocket or bag or sewn to the clothes etc., where is written child’s name and parent’s or conductors’ or accompanying person’s telephone number.

If you have any health problems, please turn to first-aid team members, they walk around the Song Festival Ground all the time. They help you weather you have headache or you need a sticking plaster or you think you have a bad heart condition. If needed they will take you to our field hospital or call the ambulance or just give a headache pill at the spot.

Conductors and accompanying persons: please teach your children, that in case of emergency (child is lost, an accident has happened etc.), one should turn to the security, police or organizer at once. If a child gets lost during the concert then police will take care of them in a special area.

POLICE INFORMATION TELEPHONE: at 8:00-19:00 +372 612 3000, other times EMERGENCY NUMBER 112