Youth Song Celebration “Here I’ll stay”

What is the Youth Song Celebration?

The tradition of Song Celebrations dates back to 1869, however, the first Youth Song and Dance Celebration took place in 1962 in Tallinn. With a few exceptions, the number of singers has been growing gradually, reaching 30,000 singers in 2014. The Youth Celebration is special because many young composers, conductors, singers and dancers get a chance to show new artistic developments.

Singing is a way to breathe together.

Where it all happens

The venue of the Song Celebration is the Tallinn  Song Festival Grounds (Tallinna Lauluväljak). It is located by the sea from the city centre, Narva mnt 95. The Song Festival Grounds fit up to 120,000 people. The performers sing under a great constructed arch, that carries sound evenly over the whole spectator area. The Song Festival Grounds have hosted the celebration since 1960. The Lighthouse is 42 meteres high and offers fantastic views over the sea and land. The fire of the celebration is lit on top of tower at the beginning of the celebration.

The Song Festival Grounds lie next to the sea, as well as the historic Kadrioru Park.

Meaning of the theme

Every celebration is assigned a specific theme that is symbolic to the time we live in and to what society is coping with. The production of the Song Celebration follows this theme and narrates a story via singing. The theme of the 2017 celebration is “Here I’ll Stay”, which focuses on the connection between the younger generation and its land, culture and the older generations. This is a celebration that takes place at a time when we once again turn to our roots for wisdom and power in order to maintain and carry on the knowledge of our ancestors.

The participants of the 12th Youth Celebration were born in a free Estonia. The world is open for discovery, but their roots hold them connected to this land. These are the people whose values and actions are only beginning to develop Estonia as a country and as a nation.

Youth Song Celebration is a place for young and new composers and conductors to get their first experience at the Song Celebration.

During the celebration

What to expect and how to have the best experience.

  • The venue is divided into two – the seated area and common area. The seated area is closer to the stage, however, the common area might offer a better overview as it is much higher up.
  • People often take picnic blankets and some snacks along. The venue also has different food and beverage possibilities. No alcohol is allowed or served on the venue.
  • There are many toilets and they are all free of charge.
  • No umbrellas will be allowed to the territory.
  • Please try to arrive with public transport or on foot. The number of parking places are very limited.
  • Take cash with you, as most of the vendors will not have the option for card payments.