XII Youth Dance and Song Celebration souvenirs & merchandise


The XII Youth Dance and Song Celebration sign is inspired by Estonian old family signs. These wooden buttons follow the ancient patterns made by traditions. Patterns are laser engraved into birch plywood. You can wear this sign on your shirt, bag, hair or wherever you like it most. The artist for this sign is Kerstin Hallik. The dimeter of the button is 4 cm.
You can purchase this sign online at pood.turundustugi.ee with 5 euros.



There are four different colours of the T-shirt, these colours symbolize the four seasons that we live in. Designer for the shirts is Kerstin Hallik.
You can purchase the shirt in Selver stores. The cost is from 8,60 to 13,20 euros, depending on size and edition.



The Celebrations also have own buff, that can be used as a scarf, headband, wrist accessory or similar. This buff protects from cold and hot. Designed by Kerstin Hallik.
You can purchase the buffs during the Celebrations or preorder with Kingston OÜ (kerly@kinkston.ee) Cost is 3,5 euros.


Small bag

Small bag is perfect for carrying personal items like keys, money, cards and phone. It is made from flax with size of 18×12 cm and one meter cord. Price is 10 euros and it can be ordered via facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LinenGift