The tickets are on sale. You can buy them online here (click on the banner below):

The Dance Celebration takes place in Kalev stadium that can hold up to 10,000 spectators.

The Song Celebration takes place at a large venue and is divided between seated and standing tickets. The seated places are close to the stage, all the rest is common area, where you can sit or stand wherever you wish.

The procession does not require a ticket, just find a spot on the five kilometre stretch from the city centre to the Song Festival Grounds.

The ticket prices vary from 4 to 25 euros.

Tickets for the Dance Celebration performances are selling out fast.

We also advise to buy tickets for the Song Celebration concert in advance. You have a choice of fixed seating on benches or free seating in the picnic area.

The ticket price is more expensive on the Celebration week from 25.06.2017.

Please note that SDC is a family event, therefore the sale and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products at the SDC is prohibited.